Level 3 / Wave 3 Freediving Course
Lake Eacham

Master Freediving Course
Lake Eacham, North QLD

The Master Program is where you will take your diving to the next level, learning to master deep equalisation below your residual volume, be introduced to mouthfill equalisation, progress your mental techniques and extend your limits reaching depths of 20 – 40 metres.

This is a jam packed 5-day course, held in Lake Eacham, which takes place over 5 consecutive days of training. Made up of theory sessions, pool sessions and access to 65meters of depth! This is a challenging but very rewarding course that gives you the knowledge and tools to dive to unlimited depths – the key is mastering these tools.

The Master Freediving Program is designed for people wanting to complete their Wave/Level 1 & 2 or Wave/Level 3 course. We will focus on techniques that will get you to dive comfortably to a depth of 20m – 40metres. and hold your breath for over 3 and a half minutes. You will learn advanced equalisation techniques including deep Frenzel, mouthfill and EQ below your residual volume and learn a completely different mental approach for your dives. At the end of the course you will walk away with the Wave1/Level1 1 & 2 or Wave/Level 3 certification.

This course is a semi-professional course which will give you the ability to assist on freediving courses. Once you have completed the Level 3/Wave 3 course you can move forward to completing your Instructor’s Course.

Not quite ready for the advanced Level 3/Wave 3 freediving course? Take a look at our beginner and intermediate courses below:

Learn to hold your breath

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07-11 March 2024

This Course Includes:

  • The Foundations of Freediving 
  • Introduction to mouthfill
  • Introduction to FRC diving
  • Attention deconcentration and mental strategies
  • Skills to hold your breath for 3:30+ mins
  • Buoy setup and management
  • Introduction to nose clip diving
  • Refining technique 
  • Advanced lung stretching
  • Sound Bowl Session 
  • Secret Waterfall 

deposit: $250 Price: $1300

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