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Freediving Central teach the Molchanovs education system. Molchanovs is the most up to date and comprehensive education system designed by some of the world’s best freedivers, exclusively for freedivers! There is also the option to complete a PADI freediving course or SSI freediving course if you have a preference for a PADI or SSI certification.

Freediving Central offer Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3 courses, as well as private coaching. Once you have completed your course you will receive a certification that is recognised world wide!

Padi Freediving Courses

SSI Freediving Courses

Wave 1

Wave 1 (or Level 1) is where you will learn the foundations of freediving, breath holding and relaxation in the water. You will learn all the physical and mental techniques to start your freediving journey and dive to a depth of 12-20 meters on a single breath!

This course is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those who already have freediving, spearing, surfing or diving experience and have not previously completed a freediving course.

How to Equalise

Wave 1 includes:

  • Equalisation techniques
  • Equalisation problem solving
  • Relaxation and mental techniques
  • Skills to hold your breath for 1:30+ mins
  • Static breath holding
  • Dynamic (distance) diving
  • Introduction to DNF – dynamic (distance) diving without fins
  • 2 x depth diving sessions
  • Rescue procedures

Wave 2

Wave 2 (Level 2) is where you will learn deep equalisation techniques, advanced breathing and mental techniques, and you will begin to experience a deeper relaxation as you dive to depths of 24-30 meters.

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed their Wave 1 or equivalent freediving certification.

How to hold your breath

Wave 2 includes:

  • Deep equalisation techniques
  • Deep equalisation problem solving
  • Skills to hold your breath for 2:30+ mins
  • Buddy System
  • Introduction to CNF – depth diving without fins
  • Introduction to dive plans and lung stretching
  • 3 x depth sessions (including 2 x boat dives)
  • Deep rescues

Wave 3

Wave 3 (Level 3) is where you will take your diving to the next level learning to master deep equalisation below your residual volume, be introduced to mouthfill equalisation, progress your mental techniques and extend your limits reaching depths of 34 – 40 meters.

This course is a semi-professional course which will give you the ability to assist on freediving courses. Once you have completed the Wave 3 course you can move forward to completing your Instructors Course.

Sydney Freediving

Wave 3 includes:

  • This course runs over 3 consecutive weekends
  • Introduction to mouthfill
  • Introduction to FRC
  • Attention deconcentration and mental strategies
  • Skills to hold your breath for 3:30+ mins
  • Buoy setup and management
  • Introduction to nose clip diving
  • 6 x depth sessions (including 4 x deep boat dives)
  • Refining technique and advanced lung stretching

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