Social Dives

Here are some of our recent adventures and social dives with the Freediving Central Community!

2020 End of Year Christmas Party – The Gravel Loader and Grey Nurse Sharks
12 December 2020

Today we had 30 friends (mermaids and mermen) descend on the Gravel Loader and Bushrangers Bay at Bass Point Reserve for Freediving Central’s end of year social dive and Christmas Party!

Even though the weather was a little gloomy for our morning dive the visibility was an insane 15 meters! We all gave into ‘pier’ pressure diving around the old wharf and got some epic group shots of everyone diving down at the same time! Even the local scuba divers joined in the fun, although we’re not sure they even knew they had joined in! Haha!

Ali brought all of the LOLs exiting the water in typical Ali fashion after our first dive and the girls rain dance had the opposite effect with the sun breaking through and shining bright for the rest of the day!

Morena, Jessie and Vivian made us a delicious cheese board to enjoy during our picnic lunch and we all celebrated our final social dive of the year with a seriously refreshing can of Solo. (It’s become a bit of a tradition for Freediving Central’s social dives to include a celebratory Solo at the end of each dive – thanks Dan!)

To end the day we searched for Grey Nurse sharks in Bushrangers Bay Aquatic Reserve. Half of the group were lucky enough to see them while the others just enjoyed backflipping in the water with everyone.

What a perfect end to 2020, surrounded by such amazing people and friends! We can’t wait to see what adventures 2021 will bring for the Freediving Central Community. Our social dives are becoming very contagious! 😉

Social Pool Session – A ‘yeah the buoys’ day
10 October 2020

Mixing things up a bit, we held a social pool session for some of our Wave 1 students! A couple of the girls had to pull out of the session last minute and so it was all boys smashing some monster breath holds and challenging themselves in our pool drills.

After our session we got a pub grub lunch and had a good LOL! But first, we just had to get a photo with this sign as we were leaving the pool! Haha!

PS – Don’t worry! The pool knew we were running a freediving session and we had all the correct permissions in place!

R U OK Day BBQ – Swimming through caves and canyons
13 September 2020

What a huge success our first R U OK DAY Event was!!!

Over the weekend Freediving Central and a group of 20 freedivers got together at Terrigal Haven for a fun dive, BBQ and a bloody good time!

The vis gods shone down on us with 15m vis, Dan’s attempt at cooking was quickly overtaken by Adrian who saved our stomachs, Evan (commonly known as ‘Master Evan’) kept the drinks flowing and we were surrounded by such wonderful people! What a perfect day! We can’t wait for the next social dive and the next annual R U OK DAY Event!

Thank you so much to everyone who was there. We promise we won’t make you swim as far at the next social dive!

Shelly Beach – Riding underwater motor bikes and finding a baby shark “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo”!
8 July 2020

Want to know the perfect way to get a song stuck in your head for the next two days? Swim with a baby shark!!

After playing around and taking photos on the famous underwater motorbike we then set our sights for some shark spotting. Kasia had told us it was Port Jackson shark mating season and so we were sure we would see some! Then all of a sudden Kasia yelled, “BABY SHARK!!”

He was the cutest baby shark, only about 20cm long! He was swimming around us and his little dorsal fin barely broke the surface. We watched him for ages as he kept on swimming up to each of us, hiding under arms and swimming between us! Em named him ‘Sausage’ and he was a real heart melter!