How to Blow the Best Underwater Bubble Ring

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Warning! You are about to learn something that is REALLY ADDICTIVE!

Have you ever been freediving, snorkeling or even just swimming in a pool and you’ve seen someone effortlessly blow a huge underwater bubble ring and swim through it? It’s pretty impressive right? These days, while scrolling on Instagram you probably see an epic bubble ring photo at least every second day and it is very easy to get bubble ring envy if you haven’t perfected the art of bubble ring blowing yourself. As a freediver it isn’t enough to just complete a course or to reach your dream PB depth… every freediver wants to be able to blow a giant bubble ring!

So, let’s learn how to blow a bubble ring.

There are a number of ways to blow bubble rings, but we are going to give you step by step tips for two of these methods – The ‘pub’ bubble ring method and the ‘tongue out’ bubble ring method.


This is the method that we use ourselves and is the method we teach on all our courses.

In the ocean, this method seems to work best between 8 – 12 meters deep. It is still possible to blow a bubble ring when you are shallower than 8 meters, it can just be a little less consistent. The deeper you are the bigger your bubble ring will grow and if you are wanting to tick ‘swimming through a bubble ring’ off your freediving bucket list then try being closer to 10 or 12 meters deep.

How to blow bubble rings

The best results are when there is no current and no swell as the movement of the water can disrupt your bubble ring before it forms. Swim down to your desired depth and make sure to give yourself a moment before attempting your first bubble ring. This pause is so that you and the water around you can become as still as possible to give you the best conditions possible.

It is easiest to blow a bubble ring when you are laying horizontal in the water. Most importantly, your lips need to be horizontal with the surface of the water and so you may need to tilt you head back slightly. If there is anything around that you can use to stabilize yourself with, such as rocks, some rope, or a diving line (not coral!) then use it. If not, just be one with the motion of the ocean.

If you’re wearing a hooded wetsuit, it will be more effective if you tuck the wetsuit under your jaw rather than having it sitting on your chin. This allows easy movement in the cheeks and lips when blowing your bubble rings.

Step 1: Dive to your desired depth.

Step 2: Lay on your back horizontal in the water with head tilted slightly back.

Step 3: Keep your lips closed and fill your cheeks and mouth with air.

Step 4: Say the word “Pub” in a Scottish Accent. (We know it sounds crazy, but just trust us!) Don’t force the air our, just let the air come out as you say the word “Pub” in a Scottish Accent. To hear how to pronounce “Pub” in a Scottish accent CLICK HERE!

Step 5: Practice makes perfect.

Step 6: Ta daaa and high fives!

You might find during your first few attempts that you make lots of little bubbles or that your bubble ring starts to form and then seconds later breaks up. This is normal! You just need to keep practicing finding the right amount of air to release and to adapt the technique to your style. The “pub” method is a really consistent way of blowing bubble rings and who doesn’t love saying the word “pub”?!

underwater bubble ring


As with the pub method, blowing any bubble ring is most effective in 8 – 12 meters depth. Ideally you want to have calm conditions with little swell and no current, regardless of the method you use. You get the best results when you are horizontal in the water and can stabilise yourself to be as still as possible.

Step 1: Dive to your desired depth.

Step 2: Lay on your back horizontal in the water with head tilted slightly back.

Step 3: Keep your lips closed and fill your cheeks and mouth with air.

Step 4: Stick your tongue out, without releasing any air from your cheeks.

Step 5: Pull your tongue in and release the air in your cheeks.

Step 6: Practices makes perfect.

Step 7: Ta daaa and high fives!

With the tongue out method, try not to force too much air out as this will create normal bubbles instead of smaller rotating bubbles that will form the bubble ring. You will need to keep practicing finding the right amount of air to let out as you pull your tongue in.

If you find one side of your bubble ring starts to break apart this is usually due to positioning, and you should focus on being more parallel to the surface on your next attempt.

So, there you have it. Two different methods to blow underwater bubble rings – one of the best, most addictive underwater tricks! Have fun bubble ringing and tag @freedivingcentral or #thefcteam when you post your epic bubble ring photos because we would love to see them too!

Want to put your new skills into action? We have a variety of freediving courses in Sydney and on the Central Coast where you can blow us many bubble rings as your heart desires. To book a course, get in touch with us today!

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Written by Emily Kivilcim & Dan Parsons
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