Our Freediving Courses


Freediving Central run courses in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, and on the Central Coast every weekend throughout the year. Our Northern Beaches and Central Coast courses include a deep dive from a boat and we are always adding new course dates, so check here regularly for updates. All certifications for our courses are recognised world wide.

We also offer private coaching, specialised coaching, instructor courses, private courses and group bookings.

Try Freediving

PRICE: $280

Try Freediving is the perfect course for winter and the cooler months. It is also designed for those people who want to experience freediving, but don’t feel confident in the open ocean or aren’t quite ready for deep freediving.

Level 1 / Wave 1

PRICE: $520

Level 1 or Wave 1 is where you will learn the foundations of freediving, breath-holding and relaxation in the water. You will learn all the physical and mental techniques to start your freediving journey and dive to a depth of 12-20 meters in a single breath!

Level 2 / Wave 2

PRICE: $600

Level 2 or Wave 2 is where you will learn deep equalisation techniques, advanced breathing and mental techniques, and you will begin to experience a deeper relaxation as you dive to depths of 24-30 metres.

Level 3 / Wave 3

PRICE: $1300

Level 3 or Wave 3 is where you will take your diving to the next level, learning to master deep equalisation below your residual volume, be introduced to mouthfill equalisation, progress your mental techniques and extend your limits reaching depths of 34 – 40 metres.

Surf Survival

PRICE: $250

Our surf survival course is designed to give you the skills to not only cope better with sudden breath holds, but to help you feel calm and relaxed and to be able to operate and function in high stress water situations.

Instructor Course

PRICE: $2000

The Freediving Instructor Course is a comprehensive freediving course that is designed to fine tune your skills and give you all the tools to become a high-level freediving professional.

Underwater Photography

Join Olympus photographer, Matt Horspool and Freediving Central on Sydney’s first underwater photography workshop dedicated to give you the techniques to master the artform of Underwater Photography.

Depth Training


We run regular depth training sessions throughout the year which include coaching from our experienced instructors. These sessions are designed so that you can use the time in the water in whichever way you like!



3 Breathing Techniques From a Freediving Expert

Discover various breathing techniques that are commonly used in freediving and relaxation practices. Whether you’re an experienced freediver or someone looking to reduce stress and anxiety, these techniques can help you achieve your goals.

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