Try Freediving Course

Try Freediving Course
Sydney & The Central Coast

Try Freediving is the perfect course for winter and the cooler months. It is also designed for those people who want to experience freediving, but don’t feel confident in the open ocean or aren’t ready for deep freediving just yet.

Try Freediving is a 1 day course, held both in Sydney and on the Central Coast, where we will focus on having fun, being confident in the water and recognising the feelings we have while holding our breath so that we can become more comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Try Freediving is not a depth focussed course. It includes a full theory session, breathing session and 2 pool sessions. (If weather permits, we may have 1 pool session and 1 shallow ocean session instead.)

The theory and breathing session involves knowledge development about freediving and safety, introduction to equalisation (getting those ears popping), what happens to our body as we hold our breath, relaxation and mental techniques and breathing techniques for breath holding.  

The pool sessions will put all of these techniques into practice as we try static apnea (breath holding in the water) as well as introduce dynamic apnea (swimming distance under water), safety training and the most important skill of all… how to blow bubble rings! 

You will leave this course feeling confident in the water, having expanded your comfort zone and feeling excited to test your new skills in the ocean next time you are swimming or snorkeling. 

There is also the option to extend your course to the full Level 1 or Wave 1 freediving course where we will combine all of the skills learnt from the Try Freediving course in the open ocean with depth diving techniques to get you deep!

If you’d like to learn more about freediving, check out our ultimate guide to freediving!

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Try freediving

Upcoming Dates:

05 March 
26 March 
02 April 
16 April 
23 April 
07 May 
21 May 


Central Coast
12 March 
09 April 
14 April 

This Course Includes:

  • Gear Hire including: mask, snorkel, freediving fins, weight belt and weights. (Wetsuits can be rented with a cleaning fee of $40)
  • Relaxation and Mental Techniques
  • Skills to hold your breath comfortably in the water
  • Equalisation techniques
  • Water confidence skills
  • Access to a community of freedivers to practise your skills, snorkel and fun dive with! 



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