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Give someone the Gift of Freediving

Give someone you care about a gift that will take their breath away! Help them dive into a world of learning, laughter and thrills beneath the ocean’s surface. 

How the gift card Process works

  • Fill out the form with both your name (the sender) and the gift recipient’s name and they’ll be added to the voucher to personalise it. We’ll be in touch to organise payment and confirm your sending details
  • Add a mailing address (can be yours if you want to give it to them personally or theirs if you want it sent to them)
  • They’ll be able to use the card to book a Level 1 freediving course!

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3 Breathing Techniques From a Freediving Expert

Discover various breathing techniques that are commonly used in freediving and relaxation practices. Whether you’re an experienced freediver or someone looking to reduce stress and anxiety, these techniques can help you achieve your goals.

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