Underwater photography course

Underwater Photography workshop

Are you a lover of the ocean and share a passion for photography? Are you constantly in awe of the incredible underwater images that feature on social media and inspirational travel magazines? Perhaps you are a proficient photographer or you already have some experience in underwater photography and are looking to refine your skills in a freediving environment?

If so, this Underwater Photography course is exactly what you are looking for!

Underwater Photograph of whale

With some of Australia’s and NSW’s most amazing marine ecosystems right at our doorstep and underwater cameras becoming widely accessible to the general public, we want to create opportunities for people to learn the skills and techniques required to master the art form of Underwater Photography. 

Join Olympus photographer, Matt Horspool and Freediving Central on Sydney’s first underwater photography course dedicated to immersing you in a small group, hands-on, with individualised instruction and practice across a variety of underwater environments. 

The workshop includes learning how to set up your camera so you’ll never miss a shot, how the light acts differently below the surface, you’ll practice different camera techniques for different underwater scenarios, experiment with creative compositions, how to work with models and photograph a variety of marine life. The day will end with hot chocolates and learning all the details on post-processing our images.

These courses are strictly limited to smaller group sizes to ensure there is more time for individual guidance and support. Scroll further to see the pre-requisites for this workshop and contact us to book your spot!

Take a look at some of Matt’s incredible work below. To see more of Matt’s work and his portfolio visit his websites: www.etchdphotography.com and www.matthorspool.com

For more information about our Underwater Photography Workshop or if you have any questions at all please contact Freediving Central at freedivingcentral@gmail.com or contact us here.

Underwater Photography Course Instructor

Recommended Photography Skills

  • Amateur/semi proficient photographer on land
  • Experience with either a compact, DSLR, or mirrorless camera (GoPro users please get in touch to discuss)
  • Some experience and/or knowledge of semi-automatic/manual camera modes
  • Some experience and/or knowledge of the exposure triangle

Camera Requirements

  • Camera with the ability to shoot semi-automatic modes e.g. Aperture priority (Av) + Shutter Priority (S) 
  • RAW shooting capabilities
  • Dedicated underwater housing e.g Nauticam, Olympus, Seafrogs etc. 
  • Minimum 32GB SD card + backup. 
  • Minimum 1 full charged battery + spare(s)
  • 1-2 small moisture trapping silica gel bags or tabs to put inside your housing. These prevent fog.

Post Production Requirements

  • Laptop/tablet with Adobe Lightroom or equivalent photo editing software. 
  • SD card reader/dongle
  • Laptop/tablet charger 
  • USB stick to share images between each other


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