We sell a range of gear including:

  • Gift Certificates/Gift Vouchers
  • Freediving Buoys
  • Pulley Systems
  • Lanyards
  • Nose clips
  • Equalisation Tools
  • Freediving Training Pack – coming soon!

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Freediving Central hire gear for use during our courses and training dives. See the Upcoming Freediving Courses page for more information on gear hire.

Please note the below prices do not include postage which will be an additional cost.

Gift Certificate

We have Gift Certificates available for all of our courses (Wave 1, 2 & 3), our training sessions/packages, freediving trips or you can purchase a Gift Voucher for your chosen amount.

Freediving Buoy – $130 AUD

Octopus Pulley System – $80 AUD

Say goodbye to tying knots! The Octopus Pulley system makes it easy to drop the line and even easier to pull the line back up. (No more laying on top of the bouy!) These pulley’s will fit any rope from 8mm to 12mm diameter.

Various Colours Available

Octopus Classic Competition Lanyard – $99 AUD

A light and hydrodynamic lanyard designed by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger. The Classic Competition Lanyard is made from high-quality components including super-light carbon composite polymer carabiner, 100cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable and a strong water-resistant marine-graded polyester velcro wristband.


Molchanovs A2024 Nose Clip – $120 AUD

Made of airplane-grade aluminum alloy, these noseclips combine minimum size with maximum durability. The anodized finish protects it from salt and chlorine corrosion and it is made to be highly resistant to weather and mechanical damage.


Octopus Classic Nose Clip – $55 AUD

Known as one of the best nose clips on the market! Made of a robust polymer structure, two comfortable and replaceable elastomer nose-pads and a strong quality leash.

Light Blue
Transparent Blue

Transparent Clear
Transparent Orange

Octopus Carbon Nose Clip – $65 AUD

Made of a robust carbon polymer structure, two comfortable and replaceable elastomer nose-pads and a strong quality leash!

What is the difference between CARBON and the CLASSIC noseclip?
The CLASSIC version is bigger with round pads, whereas the CARBON version is smaller with elliptic pads. The CARBON version is more hydrodynamic because of it’s smaller size. The CLASSIC model will fit “medium-small” to “extra-large” noses, while the CARBON model will fit “extra-small” to “medium-large” noses.

Blue Carbon
Red Carbon
White Carbon
Lime Green Carbon

Octopus Equalisation Tool – $25 AUD

Made from aluminum this EQ tool is used to practice and improve Frenzel and Mouthfill Equalisation.

Metallic Green
Metallic Blue

Disclaimer: Freediving Central is a distributer of these products only and is not responsible for any faulty or damaged products. If you are not happy with a product or have a faulty/damaged product you must contact the manufacturer directly. Freediving Central is not liable for any injuries or death sustained while using these products. We recommend using these products only if you are a certified and experience freediver who understands the risks and safety protocols involved and only use these products in a safe and controlled environment.