Pool Training

Pool Training Course

Pool training is the number one way to develop your freediving technique, work on breath-holding and ultimately improve your performance when diving at depth – and the best part? You don’t need to worry about conditions or terrible viz ruining your fun. This means that you can train consistently – which is the only way to see sustained improvement in your freediving performance.

Upon completing one of our six week pool training programmes, we can guarantee that you will see evidence of:

  • Increased max breath hold 
  • Efficient finning technique to conserve oxygen
  • Improved dynamic record

These sessions are perfect for freedivers who are looking to gain confidence in the water, develop their freediving knowledge and to those looking to build the skills to take freediving to a professional level.

Our pool training programmes are devised to specifically target the key areas that will improve your freediving performance:

  • Streamlining and finning technique
  • Dynamic endurance
  • Tolerance to CO2
  • Breath-hold & relaxation

Our pool training programmes run in six week blocks, catering to all levels of freedivers:

  1. Beginner: freedivers who have completed a level 1 course
  2. Intermediate: freedivers who are qualified and experienced – level 1-2
  3. Advanced: qualified and experienced freedivers – level 2 – instructor training level


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