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The Freediving Instructor Course is a comprehensive course that is designed to fine tune your skills and give you all the tools to become a high-level freediving professional.

During this 10-day SSI Instructor course, you will learn the theory and in water teaching skills that you need to be a confident, efficient, and knowledgeable freediving professional. Every day there will be theory workshops, pool sessions, open water sessions, and interactive teaching sessions where we will look at real-world scenarios for you to gain the ability to recognise common mistakes that occur during freediving courses and how to help and problem-solve with students to overcome these issues. We also look at other areas related to freediving including how to market yourself, the business side of freediving, and how to set up a course from start to finish. 

Freediving Instructor courses are capped at 8 instructor candidates per course. Having these smaller group sizes means that we really get to know one another and create a comfortable, safe space for candidates to learn and grow. It also means there is plenty of time for each candidate to receive one-on-one coaching specific to their needs and there is more time for requirements, training, and depth training. 

This extensive course is for anyone who eats, sleeps, and breathes freediving, for those who want to level up, and for anyone who is looking for the opportunity to earn an income doing what they love and be able to teach freediving anywhere in the world.

Not quite ready for the Freediving Instructor Course? Join our Wave 3 course which will give you the ability to be able to assist on our courses or gain some more confidence in depth or improve your technique with our depth training sessions:

freediving training

Location - Amed, Bali

Arguably one of the best freediving locations in the world with access to 50 meters of depth just off the shore

Upcoming Course

08 April – 17th April 2024

This Course Includes

  • How to teach freediving and how to run a high-quality freediving course. 
  • Mastering mouthfill
  • Mastering FRC diving
  • Ability to dive to 40+ meters deep
  • Buoy setup and management
  • Perfecting technique
  • Learn about the business of freediving
  • Understand how to market yourself
  • How to teach Frenzel equalisation
  • Small group sizes 

Price: $2000

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