Wave 2 Freediving Course

Wave 2 (Level 2) is where you will learn deep equalisation techniques, advanced breathing and mental techniques, and you will begin to experience a deeper relaxation as you dive to depths of 24-30 metres.

The 2-day Wave 2 freediving course includes a theory session, pool session and 3 open water sessions, made up of one shore dive and two deep boat dives.

The theory session will expand on the foundations of freediving that you have already mastered and will start to introduce the lock system for deep equalisation, introduction to lung stretching and gain an understanding of barotraumas and how to continue to dive safely as you start to reach some serious depth.

With 3 open water sessions you will have plenty of time to put your new equalisation skills into practice. We will look at how to do continued training and set you up with self sufficient training drills as well as introduce a new diving discipline, CNF (Constant No Fins). CNF is diving to depth without using fins, it is the purest form of freediving and the most rewarding!

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed their Wave 1 or equivalent freediving certification.

Spearfishing Sydney

Upcoming Courses:

30 – 31 October – Central Coast

This Course Include

  • Deep equalisation techniques
  • Deep equalisation problem solving
  • Skills to hold your breath for 2:30+ mins
  • Buddy System
  • Introduction to CNF – depth diving without fins
  • Introduction to dive plans and lung stretching
  • 3 x depth sessions (including 2 x boat dives)
  • Deep rescues