Wave 1 Freediving Course

Wave 1 (or Level 1) is where you will learn the foundations of freediving, breath-holding and relaxation in the water. You will learn all the physical and mental techniques to start your freediving journey and dive to a depth of 12-20 metres on a single breath!

This course is suitable for complete beginners or corporate outings, as well as those who already have freediving, spearing, surfing or diving experience and have not previously completed a freediving course.

The first day involves knowledge development about freediving and safety, as well as breathing and breath hold techniques and relaxation. This is followed by a pool session to put these techniques into practice, as well as introduce dynamic apnea (swimming distance underwater), and safety training for rescues.

The second day consists of 2 open-water sessions. The first session is designed to get you comfortable with equalisation, free immersion and depth diving techniques. In the afternoon the second open-water session will bring all the skills that you have learnt together in constant weight freediving to get you deep!

This course also includes access to online Molchanovs freediving learning materials and weekly training sessions.

Upcoming Dates:

16-17 October
23-24 October
30-31 October 
06-07 November

Central Coast
23-24 October
30-31 October
06-07 October

This Course Include

  • Equalisation techniques
  • Equalisation problem solving
  • Relaxation and mental techniques
  • Skills to hold your breath for 1:30+ mins
  • Static breath holding
  • Dynamic (distance) diving
  • Introduction to DNF – dynamic (distance) diving without fins
  • 2 x depth diving sessions
  • Rescue procedures