Why Everyone Needs a Good Freediving Buddy

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A good freediving buddy can make a big difference to your time in the water. Not only are they someone to share the experience with, but they also play a crucial role in keeping you safe.

However, depending on where you live and dive, finding a suitable freediving buddy can be a challenge. Even if there are other divers in your area, they may not be a good fit for your schedule or experience level. They may also have different interests, making it difficult to plan sessions that suit both of you.

What is a freediving buddy?

While the exact role of a freediving buddy varies, their main purpose is always the same – to make your sessions as safe and enjoyable as possible!

Most obviously, this means they are someone who looks out for you while you are in the water. Depending on your goals, they could also be someone who helps you build confidence, improve your technique, or even dive deeper.

The qualities of a good freediving buddy

There are a range of different reasons people get into freediving. Whatever your motivation is, it will impact how you approach training and what a great session looks like for you. Acknowledging this, there are a few important similarities you should look for in a freediving buddy.

Skills and experience

If you and your buddy are at a similar level, you can easily plan sessions that are comfortable for both of you. If you aren’t, you run the risk of sessions either being too difficult, or not difficult enough, for one of you.

That said, if you’re new to freediving, you might want a more experienced buddy who can help you develop your skills.

Commitment to safety

Knowing how to manage the risks associated with freediving is crucial to keeping both you and your buddy safe.

It’s also important that you are both comfortable to safely accompany each other at the depths you each plan to reach. Both of you should also know your limits and be able to discuss them honestly and openly.

You should never feel pressured to dive further than your limits, nor should you ever offer too if you don’t have the experience to back it up.


Whether you freedive for fitness, fun, relaxation, or competition, your buddy should share your motivations. This will help ensure your expectations are aligned and that your buddy relationship can be mutually beneficial. It will also make it easier to structure your training sessions, knowing you’re both working toward a similar goal.


Within the freediving community, there are varying levels of commitment, which are often dictated by the diver’s schedule. Some divers are out in the water regularly, whereas others can only squeeze in a couple of sessions each year.

Having a buddy who understands and respects what you can commit to will make for a much more harmonious relationship.


While it’s not essential, if you and your buddy live close together it will make it much easier to plan training sessions. This is particularly true if there is somewhere nearby where you both enjoy diving.

Sharing these qualities should make it easier to get to know your buddy and build a rapport. Importantly, it should also provide a solid base for you to build trust, which is crucial to any freediving buddy relationship.

How to find a freediving buddy

If you’re lucky, you might already have someone in your life who would make the perfect freediving buddy. If not, the freediving community is very active and social, and there are plenty of ways to meet new friends who share your interests.

With that said, if you’ve struggled to find one so far, we have a few ways we recommend.

Social media

Social media is a great way to find like-minded people!

In fact, at Freediving Central, we run our own Facebook group which you can join if you’re looking for a community of safe, skilled and fun-loving freedivers!

We also have a WhatsApp group designed to help people find freediving buddies. Simply DM us on our Facebook page if you’d like to discuss joining.

Looking online

As always, the internet is a great place to start. A simple Google search of “freediving” and your location should provide a range of forums and groups. There are also specialist sites, like Freedive Earth, that have forums and listings designed to help buddies connect.

Attending an event

A comprehensive calendar of freediving competitions is held across the globe every year, bringing together everyone from casual observers to elite competitors. Even if you’re not interested in competing, these events are still a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Joining a club

There are a range of freediving clubs and spearfishing clubs located throughout the country, all with members who share your interest. If there isn’t already a club in your area, you could start one or join one that covers your favourite diving location.

Undertaking further training

In addition to helping you to improve your skills, group freediving courses are a great way to meet other divers. The other participants in the course are also likely to be at a similar skill level to you.

Book your spot on one of our freediving trips today!

Freediving Central conducts regular social freediving trips each year. These cater to a range of different interests, with options to suit most types of freedivers. This makes them a great way to meet, and bond with, other divers and the perfect way to start a beautiful freediving buddy relationship!

Or, if you’re looking to actually complete a freediving course while going somewhere amazing with a group of potential buddies, our freediving trips are a fantastic way to learn new skills and meet new people.

Explore our different trips and who knows who you’ll meet!

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